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23/12 2016

Facebook makes you #unhappy and #lonely

3.5 million Danes have a Facebook profile and most of us check the Facebook-newsfeed daily, or even several times a day. However, the constant stream of friends’ baby photos, skiing holidays and job-successes seems to make us less satisfied with our own life, shows study from Department of Sociology, which is published in the Official Cyperpsychology.

obesity 19/12 2016

Are all obese individuals unhealthy?

Why are some overweight people affected by conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases whilst others who are overweight stay fit and healthy? New research from the University of Copenhagen may have found part of the explanation, which lies in three specific genes. In time, it may be possible to use the discovery for diagnosing and better treatment of metabolic diseases.

TALENT 08/12 2016

2016 Junior Researchers celebrated

Four innovative upper-secondary-school students are the winners of this year's Project Junior Researcher with such diverse topics as private stock trading risks, the deselection of German as a foreign language, depression in youngsters and wireless energy in space.

climate change 13/12 2016

The Earth releases more CO2 to the atmosphere when temperatures rise

More CO2 is being released from the Earth system as a result of rising temperatures than previously thought. This is the conclusion of an interdisciplinary analysis based on a study involving the controlled warming of 49 sites all over the world.

Spin-out 07/12 2016

New spin-out company to optimize pharmaceuticals

The newly started spin-out company GlycoDisplay has discovered how to alter the properties of proteins by changing their sugar structures – a discovery that is sure to help pharmaceutical producers optimize their products. GlycoDisplay is a spin-out from Faculty of Health at the University of Copenhagen.