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Food Science 20/02 2017

Fermentation creates sustainable growth in the West African food sector

In West Africa, spontaneously fermented foods are deeply embedded in the food culture and the population has a great deal of knowledge about how these foods should be produced. Project GreenGrowth has the aim to isolate and catalogue the microbial cultures used for the fermentations and build biobanks to safeguard this microbiological heritage so it can be used to upgrade the West African food sector.

Fermentation 06/02 2017

Researchers cultivate wine gold in Danish apples

Researchers are searching for the best method for fermenting apple wine using wild fermentation. The research involves mapping different kinds of wild yeast from a wide variety of old Danish apple varieties for the first time. The work will help to preserve the Danish apple orchards by upgrading the flavour of the apple wine and thus the value for consumers so that the growers can earn more on the apples.


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