Most Frequestly Asked Questions about the Phone Directory

The person i am looking for is not in the Phone Directory. Can you please help me?

The information in the Phone Directory comes from the HR system ScanPas. Salaried people will be transferred to the Phone Directory when registered i the HR system ScanPas.

A person will be removed from the Phone Directory at most 3 months after last last pay check.

Though the administrative secretaries in various departments have the ability to add and delete people in the Phone Directory. We recommend that you contact him or her.

Information regarding who is administrative secretary for a certain department can be seen at KUnet under self service -> mine data -> Vejviser/Telefonbog

I am looking for information about a student.

It is the policy of University of Copenhagen that we do not provide any information about the students unless they for some reason are entered in our Phone Directory

However, employees and students can use the Phonebook in KUnet Phonebook

The information about me is incorrect

The information in the Phone Directory comes from the HR system ScanPas. Please contact your administrative secretary in order to change the phonenumber, fax, e-mail address etc. If your name, the department or administrative unit  is incorrect please contact IT-Service at phone +45 3532 2700 or by e-mail:

How often is the Phone Directory updated?

The Electronic Phone Directory is updated every hour with the latest information.

Why does the e-mail addresses in the Phone Directory contain spaces?

Millions of people receives a lot of unsolicited commercial e-mails (aka spam) every day. The spammers uses computers (search engines) to scan every homepage on the Internet with one purpose only: To retrieve the e-mail addresses to which they can send their spam.. This is the reason for the spaces in the e-mail adresses so the search engines will be confused to send their spam to non-existing e-mail adresses.

My question is not answered above

If Your question is not answered above please send an e-mail to the Webmaster

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